Here is a list of books (and audio/visual media) related to the quest for wisdom. Please note that these books represent a variety of spiritual and theological perspectives, and inclusion in this list does not necessarily constitute an endorsement from Carl McColman. This list is provided to you in the hope that it can inspire you on your own unique journey seeking wisdom, particularly in terms of Christian mysticism, contemplative spirituality, interfaith dialogue, and interspirituality.

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Christian Mysticism: Twenty-Five Essential Books

World Mysticism: Twenty-Five Essential Books

Writings of the Mystics: Anthologies

Writings of the Mystics: General

Writings of the Mystics: the English Mystics

Writings of the Mystics: the Spanish Mystics

Writings of the Mystics: the German/Rhineland Mystics

Writings of the Mystics: Eastern Orthodox Mystics

Writings of the Mystics: Protestant Mystics

Writings of the Mystics: Gnostic and/or Heterodox

Books on Christian Mysticism and Contemplative Spirituality (Kindle Editions)

Books About Mysticism: Written for General (Non-Scholarly) Readers

Books About Mysticism: Surveys and Histories of Mysticism

Books About Mysticism: Concerning Specific Mystics
See below for books about Julian of Norwich, Thomas Merton, or Evelyn Underhill

Books About Mysticism: The “Traditions of Christian Spirituality” Series

Books About Mysticism: Academic and Scholarly Works

Books About Mysticism: Contemporary Guidebooks for Aspiring Mystics

Books About Mysticism: Denunciations of Mysticism

Books About Mysticism: Reference

Special Topics in Mysticism: Silence

Special Topics in Mysticism: Julian of Norwich

Special Topics in Mysticism: Evelyn Underhill

Special Topics in Mysticism: Thomas Merton

Special Topics in Mysticism: The Song of Songs

Special Topics in Mysticism: Deification

Special Topics in Mysticism: Benedictine and Cistercian Spirituality

Special Topics in Mysticism: Carthusian Spirituality

Special Topics in Mysticism: Centering Prayer and Christian Meditation

Special Topics in Mysticism: Eucharistic Devotion and Popular Piety

Special Topics in Mysticism: The Anamchara (Soul Friend) and Spiritual Direction

Special Topics in Mysticism: The New Monasticism

World Mysticism: General Titles and Anthologies

World Mysticism: Sufism and Islamic Spirituality

World Mysticism: Kabbalah and Jewish Spirituality

World Mysticism: Buddhism

World Mysticism: Vedanta and Hindu Spirituality

World Mysticism: Miscellaneous Eastern Spirituality

World Mysticism: Classical and Ancient Pagan Mysticism

World Mysticism: Indigenous and Shamanic Spirituality

World Mysticism: Neopagan and Goddess Spirituality

World Mysticism: Interfaith Spirituality (Christian and Non-Christian)

World Mysticism: Post-Sectarian and Integral Spirituality

Miscellaneous: Literary Works Relevant to the Study of Mysticism

Miscellaneous: Spiritual books that are not necessarily “mystical” (but I like them anyway)

Miscellaneous: Music

Miscellaneous: Movies

Miscellaneous: Spoken Audio

Miscellaneous: Software