In addition to Carl’s blog and his books, the following articles, essays, and interviews are available for your reading pleasure.


Links to Other Sites

  • Huffington Post — Since December 2010 I have occasionally contributed content to the Religion page of the Huffington Post, on a variety of spirituality-related topics.
  • Beliefnet — From 2003 to 2005 I contributed eight articles to Beliefnet, including After the Magic which chronicles my decision to leave Neopaganism for Catholicism.
  • Patheos — My (mostly) weekly column, “Let the Earth Keep Silence,” explores contemplative practice, especially from the perspective of Lay Cistercian spirituality.


  • Where No One or Nothing is Excluded — I interviewed Irish poet and visionary John O’Donohue for the July 1999 issue of the booksellers’ trade publication New Leaves.
  • A Conversation with the Compost Queen — From 1997, my interview with Trina Paulus on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of her lovely book Hope for the Flowers.
  • Return of an Angel — It was a treat to interview Annie Haslam, lead vocalist of the 70s band Renaissance, in 2000; we discussed her solo career as well as her love for angels.