A Prayer for Contemplatives

Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico, at Deer Lake State Park, Florida, April 2015.
Sunset on the Gulf of Mexico, at Deer Lake State Park, Florida, April 2015.

O Divine Beloved, you are the source of life and the fountain of all goodness.

In the mystery of your silence we recognize who we are, for we are created in your image. You are beautiful, for you are Love. You are wisdom, for you are Truth. We worship you and ask that you restore in us the fullness of your likeness. Forgive us for all the ways that we have failed to embody your love, and heal us so that we may bring your mercy to others.

Grant us the grace of discipline in prayer, that we may tend to you in stillness and silent praise, every day of our lives.

Grant us the grace of authentic humility, that we may truly know ourselves, with humor and compassion, and respond to your universal call to holiness.

Grant us the grace of deep interior silence, that our chattering minds and anxious hearts may rest in your limitless love.

Grant us the grace of quiet confidence, that we may fully trust in you and allow that trust to form us in joyful hope.

Grant us the grace of caring discernment, that we may avoid the temptation to judge one another and instead bring insight and compassion to all our relationships.

Grant us the grace to grow in the fruit of the spirit, so that love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, generosity, faithfulness, gentleness and mindfulness may form the character of our lives.

And finally, grant us the grace to love you with our entire being, and to love our neighbors and our enemies as we love ourselves, so that in all that we say, all that we do, and indeed in the fullness of who we are, you might be glorified and adored, for truly your beauty is our joy, your heart is our love, and your silence is our peace.

All this we ask in the name of Christ, the savior of the world.


Update, March 2018: I’ve written a new and shorter version of this prayer. Click here to see it.

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7 thoughts on “A Prayer for Contemplatives”

    1. Jeffrey Len Howard

      Prayer of Philaret, Metropolitan of Moscow

      My Lord, I know not what I ought to ask of Thee.
      Thou and Thou alone knowest my needs.
      Thou lovest me more than I am able to love Thee.
      O Father, grant unto me, Thy servant, all which I cannot ask.
      For a cross I dare not ask, nor for consolation;
      I dare only to stand in Thy presence.
      My heart is open to Thee.
      Thou seest my needs of which I myself am unaware.
      Behold and lift me up!
      In Thy presence I stand,
      awed and silenced by Thy will and Thy judgments,
      into which my mind cannot penetrate.
      To Thee I offer myself as a sacrifice.
      No other desire is mine but to fulfill Thy will.
      Teach me how to pray.
      Do Thyself pray within me.

  1. I sat outside and watched the sun set in the majestic Arizona sky….It had rained all day with thunderous lightning hurling black clouds against the mountains…and now at around dusk the clouds allowed the sun to become visible…it slipped, slowly, silently behind the purple domes and God painted a stunning landscape all around…orange…lavender…gold and indigo…three partial rainbows reminded me of God’s promises…Today I began to re read Gift of the Sea and soak in the wisdom of Anne Morrow Lindberg once again…sweet serenity enfold my soul once again..and I am at peace

  2. I have lost my way. Certainly chosen to receive thy armor and grace of Christ.
    A lifetime of battle.
    Fending off every known darkness the darkness inflicts.
    Broken and weary close to the end so many times. Free falling into the abyss of endless defeat. I love your words and seek enlightenment.
    I hope to find soon. So I dont fall to my own demise. By my own hand. I stray into distant silence. Behind a dark curtain I frantically seek to escape. Tk u for your beautiful writing. I’m an enigma within a tortured maze. The Lord is all that saves me now.

    1. I wish you peace — the peace which passes all understanding. May it keep your heart and mind in the knowledge of the love of God.

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