Five Goals of Celtic Spirituality

Well, at least, these are my goals for doing the Celtic do:

1. Development of the imbas, which is to say, higher/mystical knowledge;

2. Growth in the nine virtues, including contemplation, courage, earthiness, eros, healing, honor, hospitality, peacemaking, and wisdom;

3. Cultivating the aisling, the ability to dream or envision alternative ways of living in our world;

4. Growth in the three realms of love: Love of the Gods (devotion, service, sacrifice); love of others (community building, kinship, ethical sexuality, healthy relationships, environmental responsibility); and love of self (personal power, pursuit of happiness, emotional maturity, self-care); and

5. Sufficient knowledge of Celtic lore to relate it to everyday life, including your spiritual path (i.e., relating Celtic lore to these goals).


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