There’s plenty of jargon in the world of mystical spirituality. Explore here to learn the words.


Anyone interested in mysticism may sooner or later face questions like this: what does it mean to have an experience of God? What is the nature of such experience? <a href=/unknowing/experience/>Read More »</a>


Spiritual silence is not about the kind of silence that harms relationships or inhibits communication. Rather, the silence of spirituality is the silence of listening, pondering, meditating, contemplating. It can only be freely chosen; never imposed. <a href=/unknowing/mystical-silence/>Read More »</a>


Theosis comes from the Greek θέωσις and literally means "divine state" — Theo (God, divinity) + osis (state or condition). Think of words like theology (God-talk) and gnosis (a state of knowledge) to understand how the word is constructed. <a href=/unknowing/theosis/>Read More »</a>

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