Optional Reading List for the Zeitgeist “Contemplation and Practice” Course — with Guided Meditations

From September 28 through November 9, 2020 I’m leading a program called “Contemplation and Practice” through Zeitgeist Atlanta. Here are some of the meditations that participants will have access to.

On this page I’m listing books that may be of interest to persons taking the course — or to anyone else interested in exploring meditation and contemplation from an interfaith/interspiritual perspective.

All of these books are optional reading — since the heart of this course is practice rather than study. Still, for anyone who’d like to learn more about the spiritualities of meditation and contemplation that we will be exploring, these resources can be helpful.

Also, for each topic I’m providing an audio guided meditation, inspired by the tradition it represents. The word “inspired” is important — I make no claims to be a teacher or expert on any of these traditions, with the possible exception of Christianity, where the meditation I present (Centering Prayer) is a method I have been trained to present. All the other meditations should be understood as general spiritual exercises, inspired by — but not necessarily representative of — each tradition.

Hope you enjoy these resources.


Indigenous, Shamanic, and Pagan Contemplation and Practice

Hindu, Yoga, and Vedantic Contemplation and Practice

Buddhist Contemplation and Practice

Jewish (Kabbalistic) Contemplation and Practice

Christian Contemplation and Practice

Islamic (Sufi) Contemplation and Practice


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